Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is the prelude for Halloween. I was going back home by BUS, when the driver announced that there was a detour because there was a fire in Parliament. I did not realise that my house was in the coner of Parliament and Wellesley. When I was approaching my home, I saw the firemans in the ceiling of my house fighting the fire in the house next to mine. For a second, I thought that the fire was in my house. Fortunately, they controlled the fire. Well, I went to sleep to Downtown (my landlord have an Hotel a couple of blocks from Dundas Square).

It was so scared, for a moment I saw my self without passport.

Canadians should be proud of their police and fire services. They acted very quickly and controlled the situation. Unfortunately, my neighbour house was completed burned, but it could be the entire neighbourhood.

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